Mysticism today

…the work of the Düsseldorf artist Natascha Borowsky is characterised by sublime materiality. What she creates are photographic portraits of organic or lifeless found objects, precipitating an apotheosis for these neglected wayside valuables.
Their metamorphosis is achieved by sublime staging: relieved out of their original context, the finds are laid out on especially made paste of milk and starch, individually enriched by pigments or spices. Through precision of the photographic print and potentialization of original size Borowsky transcends the found objects into iconic images of contemporary relics. While with fascinated curiosity the viewer tries to decode the secret of their aura, the images unfold a differentiated play of materiality and phenomenon through realization of the unknown.
The objects depicted could well be alchemistical gildings or fragments of ancient crucifixes while nevertheless evading definite identification.

Elke Kania, museum franz gertsch,
excerpt from the catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition
the sublime is now! the sublime in contemporary art,
museum franz gertsch, Burgdorf, Switzerland, 1.4. – 30.7.2006,
curated by Elke Kania and Dr. Reinhard Spieler